Dua for success in exams and interviews

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Dua for Students/Job Seekers
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  1. Rahim says:

    i recite this dua and i got success in my exams…..thank you to post this dua…..and specially thanks to Allah who fullfilled my prayers.

    May llah give success to all positive needs for all of you. Ameen

    • shadaanalam says:

      mashallah, feeling really happy for you, subhanallah, May Allah guide you always and you achieve more and more such successes in the future too. Remember me in your duas too

    • amber says:


      i had my exams a few months ago i read so many duas and i failed my exams i have got more exams in may and june and i really want to do well
      what should i do?

      • sana says:

        Wasalam. Don’t worry sister. What u have to do is work hard, if u r working hard then u r doing ur part of the job, and that’s enough. Leave the rest to Allah. He knows what’s good for u. Just work really really hard and opt for the subject that u find most interesting.
        Always take a few breaks during study hours, that will help u (it works for me).
        May ALLAH (swt) help u and guide u to the right path.

    • fahad says:

      did you only read this dua 99 times for success or other duas? I am young but I have a dream to one day to become a doctor and I need all the duas for help. I will never forget the quran. Can someone please help me

      • shadaanalam says:

        you read it 99 times daily after any farz namaaz and blow on yourself with a prayer that Allah guide you in whatever you study.you can also read Surah Al Qalam in Quran Pak atleast once a week and ask Allah’s help and mercy

      • palak says:

        hey fahad recite surah fatah once a day it will help u in achieving your aim inshallah and pray 4 me as well 🙂

    • Amarah says:

      Did you read this dua day before the exam or on the day of the exam?

    • Amarah says:

      Asalaam maaliakum,
      Did you recite the dua before the exam you had, or did you recited in your payers or both.
      Well done for passing your exam.

  2. Mohima Hussain. says:

    Inshallah, Allah will accept our dua’s and help us with what we may find difficult,
    may Allah give us all muslim brother and sisters success in this dunya and the here after.

    Thanks alot to the brother/sister who had published this dua for everyone to use.. May Allah reward you for helping us find such an amazing dua.

    Jazak’Allah and once again may Allah reward you for your well doing Insha’Allah : )


    • shadaanalam says:

      shukriya, and i really dont have any words to say thnks to you, just remember me in your duas, if possible do share this dua with others so that they too could be helped

  3. Bushra says:

    salam i read this dua on my theory test when i had lost all hope.. and allhumdualllah i passed and it was also the blessed month of ramazan.. 🙂

    • shadaanalam says:

      walkeum assalam, mashallah i feel so happy for you. When you lose hope in yourself just remember Allah, HE is always there with us to help us. Always read this dua before exams and inshallah you”l achieve great success in life, Ameen.

    • rehan says:

      hai i too do same thing

  4. faiza says:

    Asalaam maaliakum,
    I wnt to ask u that when should i recite this dua ?like after any prayer??
    MY exams r goin to start on 11th feb 2012 (sat)
    please pray for me.
    i am very scared because this is my final exam.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum assalam, yes you can recite it after namaaz, but most importantly you should always recite it when you are just sitting for studying, recite it with a dua that whatever you are learning may Allah help you learn that and you achieve success, Also before going to your exams, recite it and blow over yourself. You can also read Surah Qalam from holy Quran which is also meant to give you success in exams, inshallah Allah will grant you success, i always used to recite and mashallah i gained success, just have faith and recite.

  5. faiza says:

    Jazak’Allah and may Allah reward you for your well doing Insha’Allah : )

  6. Asalaam maaliakum, Me having exam on 21 & 22 of feb. plz pray for me. as im very depressed.
    and tel me any dua for success in this exam…

    • shadaanalam says:

      Inshallah your exams will be fine and you’ll be successful, don’t be tensed, recite the above mentioned dua before you start your studies atleast 11 or 13 times and do remember to recite it before going to give your exam and blow over yourself. You can also read Surah Qalam from holy Quran which is also meant to give you success in exams, inshallah Allah will grant you success

  7. Mariya says:

    assalamualekum varehamatallah ….please can you tell me
    the exact way of reading thid dua.

  8. Mariya says:

    Insha Allah my younger sister is going to write her pu-II exams
    and insha allah may Allah grant all the children who are working hard for success of their exam
    Ameen.As i had read about this dua ,but i am not getting the way to read it .As it is to be read 99 times (whether in the morning after fajar salat or before exams/in all subsequent salats).Please make supplication for my sis and all the others insha allah.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum salam, inshallah your younger sister will be successful in her exams by Allah’s grace and mercy. You should read this dua after any salat or even in every salat, and blow on your sister with a Dua that Allah helps her. It is always regarded as very important to read the dua before going to exam, if due to time factor you cannot read it in morning atleast read it at night once again and blow on her.
      You can also read Surah Qalam from holy Quran which is also meant to give you success in exams, inshallah Allah will grant you success.

  9. Thankyou so much 🙂 And please Pray for me. Remember me in your prayers 🙂

  10. Mariya says:

    Assalam o alekum warehamat Allah.Jajak Allahu Khair.Please pray for all my brothers and sisters who are going to apper for exams very soon should be successed insha allah.
    And sister can you please tell me one thing that i am working in an MNC company .I got selectsd in campus interview as this company is providing the master degree .
    Alhamdulila i am doing all the salat but as i will be moving out by 6:15 PM i will miss my magrib salat.
    but i pray qada salat with iesha salat,i am sure about qibla in my office ,their is no seperate bathroom so that i can make ablution.iwill wash all face and hands in wash room and legs in the toilet room itself .am i not doing it right?
    is my prayer accepted?
    Please reply

  11. Mariya says:

    sorry i am not sure about qibla

  12. Mariya says:

    Assalam o alekum sister .How are you .And jajak Allah for your words.Insha Allah pray for one and all to be stead fast in the path of Allah.
    Please pray for me as i have to go with my exams simultaneously with my work.
    Insha Allah i believe and have faith that Allah will make my work easy .
    sister i want to know that working of girl is right or not.

    Dua mai jarur yaad rakhana

    • shadaanalam says:

      I believe working f woman is right, how can it be wrong, there are so many millions of women including muslim women world over who are supporting their families, if Allah has given you a good job then it is His mercy upon you, thank Allah, say do rakaat namaaz e shukrana for your job, and do rakaat namaaz e haajat that your exams goes well and you get success, Inshallah Allah will listen to you, Ameen

  13. Mariya says:

    sister mercy and grace of Allah be on you and your family always.
    May your all supplecations be accepted by Allah.
    I hope i will get all the posituve response as like now in future too insha Allah.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Thank you so much sister for your wishes, i really need your duas at this time, plz do remember me in your duas. Inshallah you will get positive response, just have a firm belief on Allah, and recite these duas with faith

  14. Mariya says:

    i got spects when i was in tenth and this is the 6th year of mine wearing spects ,but i am fed up of wearing it and feel irritated b’coz of it.
    Please sister tell me some plea to get off my spects soon insha allah.

  15. Mariya says:

    Insha Allah sister i will do it.is that all the time i need to eat fennel seeds or only after taking food.please can persuade it to me.
    Jajak Allah

  16. Mariya says:

    sister , i do pray salatu haajat every friday ,u mean to say i should offer it daily.

  17. Mariya says:

    Jajak Allah Sister lovely to talk to you ,insha Allah catch you tomorrow ,please do remember me and all ummate muslim in your plea.
    Allah Hafeez
    Take Care.

  18. Mariya says:

    Assalam o alekum warehamat Allah sister ? how are you ?
    Insha Allah today i will read this dua for increase in eye sight.
    Sister can you please tell me can i take my parents for Hajj Insha Allah .
    I mean to ask can i pay for them from my account for Hajj Pilgrimage.
    Alhamdulila my father is capable of paying it by himself but it is my desire to do something for them
    Insha Allah.

  19. Rabiah says:

    Assalam Alaikum,
    Both my kids are giving exams from 24th of feb12. Can I read this Dua and blow on them. I am really worried about my son who is giving his ICSC which is starting next week. He is aiming for 90% and Iam not very sure about it, he is working very hard ,but he is not very intelligent, I dont want him to get depressed if he cannot score high.Please pray for him ,and let me know what I can do for both my children….
    Please pray for us ,we really need your prayers at this time

  20. rabiah says:

    Assalam Alaikum,
    Thank you so much for your guidance, Inshaallah I will keep reading the duas.
    Please remember us in your duas.


  21. Assalam Alaikum,
    i want to say that recently my paper has finished and result will be going to come in March.
    so can u tell me any dua that pass this exam??? please pray for me this is my final paper. im very depressed and tended. please tell me any dua?
    Hiba shoeb

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum assalam sister, mashallah happy to know that your paper is over now, i hope you would have read the duas before the exams too. Dont be tensed inshallah you will get good results and clear the exams. After every farz namaaz, you can recite 11 times “Rabbe Yasree Wala Tuassir Watam mim Bil Khairee Wabeka Nasta-een” Inshallah you will gain success, difficulties will be removedand inshallah result will be positive by the Will and Wish of Allah. You can also read “Ya Mutakkabiro” 100 times daily and inshallah Allah will remove all obstacles from your path. Have faith in Allah, dont be tensed. And do share the success news here, I would be waiting for it.

  22. Salam ,
    jazakallah for sharing this very good dua. I will sure definitely going to recite it. Bt please you also pray for me…
    Actually I work so hard bt due to some bad luck or nervous problem my viva was havent gone good of biochemistry 😦
    Thats y i am very worried about it.

    • shadaanalam says:

      sister, dont be worried, have faith in Allah, i can understand when it comes to viva we all are very nervous and tensed, its natural, I always used to read “Rabbi Shihrali Sadri……” and mashallah I got good marks, i didnt felt tensed. Just read it always, and you will yourself be amazed, yourself with the beauty of this dua.

  23. Jazakallah
    I will definitely follow this.
    thanks a lot

  24. afreen says:

    Assalam o alekum sister how are you.Insha allah My mid semester examination is going to commence from 3rd week of march.Please pray for me and all my friends.

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum assalam sister, I am fine, Inshallah you and your friends will get good results, study hard, and leave rest to Allah

  25. afreen says:

    Assalam o alekum .Insha Allah i will and hope we all will get through this exam insha Allah.

  26. sobi says:

    Asalamalaikum wr wb. I just gave my final MBBS exams and m very tensed about results. So please do remember me in ur dua n please tell me what should i read to get success in my results?
    Jazak Allah khair.

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam, you can surely read the above dua and pray to Allah to grant you success. You can read daily Salat-Hajaat also

  27. nazreen says:

    My son does well in class but when he has an exam or test, he doesn’t get good grades. I think he gets nervous. He is 14 years old and I wanted to know if I read these duaas for him, will they still be as beneficial. I also wanted to know if I can read these duaas during menstruation without wuzu.

  28. Qurat Ul Ain Gulrukh says:

    Assalam o Alaikum i have my CA final exams in june i am very upset i worked very hard but in my last attempt i failed now my motivation level is very low please pray for me and suggest me some duas as my faith and confidence has been shattered…i want to clear all my papers in this attempt please pray for me

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum assalam, brother dont be depressed Have faith in Allah, work harder this time, offer your namaaz, read Surah Al Qalam atleast once a week and pray to Allah for your success. Before you start your studies, read “Rabbi Zidni Ilma” inshallah Allah will increase your knowledge and brain power. Also keep reading the above mentioned dua. Recite frequently “Ya Aleemo”

  29. Assalam Alaikum
    Yesterday my result was out at 4:30 pm. I am very happy to tell you that i have passed in biochemistry and physiology 🙂
    Thanks for giving me this beautiful Dua and remembring me in your prayer 🙂

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum assalam, sorry for being late in replying. Mashallah it is really a big and great news to hear, really happy to know about your success. May Allah always bestow His mercy on you and open the path of success Ameen

      • imran says:

        aslawalakum, my name is shaik imran, i have completed my b.tech in 2009, from 2009 to 2011 i search for job but i didn’t get, in 2012 i & my friend started a business i.e., dataentry works but we got loss, pls can u tell me is their any dua for immediate getting the job pls give relply

      • shadaanalam says:

        walekum salam, plz read the following dua inshallah you will get a good job very soon https://islamicduasandsupplications.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/160/

      • imran says:

        aslamwalakum, thanks for giving the response and for the dua , when i should read these dua

      • shadaanalam says:

        you can read it 99 times preferably after any of the farz namaaz. You just read Salat- Hajat and then read this inshallah Allah will help you

  30. Imran says:

    Aslamwalakum, i have completed my B.Tech in 2009 till now iam not getting job any where can u tell me any dua pls

  31. Ganiyat Aremu says:

    Prayer that will make me pass my exam and come out with A’s

  32. Mustapha says:

    It was really great

  33. anum baloch says:

    can we also read this dua after exams???

  34. Farida says:

    Thanks a lot for this dua. May allah bless u. Kindly send me some more duas for success and improving memory

  35. noorul says:

    salamualiku i have road test coming soon in one week inshallah how can i recit this dua. pls help me because iam realy need of it. jazakllah kair

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum salam, read this dua daily and especially before going to give the test and pray to Allah for success. Inshallah you will be successful by Allah’s Will

  36. mias says:

    salam,my sisters is going to hav her drving test soon,can you please give any dua’s especially for success in her driving test.
    may Allah bless you Sir.

  37. Srilanca H, Jalmaani says:

    I am srilanca jalmaani, I have exam on 27 may 2012 civilservice exam,please pray for me,hoping that i will past the exam. . .

  38. Srilanca H, Jalmaani says:

    salam muailaikum!
    Cant you please give me the dua i always read,we code releft my pain in my heart in my love for her releft happy moment erase in my mine in accept all the happen, .once in my life,i met someone whom i loved and cared for i gave every thing,i fought for him but one thing i forgot to do ask if the wanted me to.hes my boyfriend 3years,unxpected to marriage to the other women. .plz pray for me,give dua. . .

  39. NuzHa says:

    aslm!jazakAllah 4 alll zese useful duah…before u sit 4 an exam just recite surah al QALAM then blow into ur pen zat u’ll use in xamz*…then when u g0t ur xamz paper u recite ayat_ul -kursi then blow on ur xamz paper on which ull write ur answers..and say bismillah before writing zen strt writing with ur pen*;)

  40. Malak says:

    Thank you for posting this beautiful dua I have a science and english exam on 13 of June 2012 which is tomorrow and Iam so scared and worried but inshallah Allah will help me and inshallah I succeed in my test I hope the best for all of my Muslim friends out there and hope you do very well and get the best marks you want ya raaab xxxx thank you malak .

  41. Mariya says:

    As salaamu walekum warehamtullahi wabarkatahu….How are you sister shadaanalam …Alhamdulillah i have read the dua which you have posted for success in exams …Ihave done my exams well with the grace of ALLAH (SWT)…Please sister pray for one and all for the best result INSHA ALLAH…

  42. Mariya says:

    One more question i would like to ask u .Does islam prohibit for the listening of music i mean songs..and what are the ways to fulfill our urge ,what salaat we need to offer so ALLAH will accept our plea INSHA ALLAH

  43. aqsa says:

    i think this dua actually works i had a maths exam and i think i did well in it

  44. hassan says:

    Inshallah, Allah will help me pass my exams

  45. monis says:

    Inshallah, Allah will help me pass my exams. Everyone plzzzz pray fro me

  46. sakeer says:

    is there any dua to pass the driving test…..if so…please post after this..

  47. Selina says:

    Plèase can u send me duaas for success on my exams and the exam that I will be taking.

  48. Srilanca says:

    As salaamu walekum
    wabarkatahu….How are you
    sister shadaanalam …
    Alhamdulillah i have read the
    dua which you have posted for
    success in exams …Ihave done
    my exams well with the grace
    of ALLAH (SWT)…Please sister
    pray for one and all for the best
    result INSHA ALLAH…

    • Sonia says:

      Its 3.40am and im sitting here trying to revise. I have failed two exams from my exams and i have a chance to resit then next week. I only have to pass one out of the two and i have a few days to revise for these. I feel very upset and at the verge of tears as i cant remember or understand some of this work. Granted it is my fault for ntot paying attention in lectures but i want to make my parents proud. Is there any thing else i can pray aswell to try and pass these exams?

      Please keep me in your dua’s and hope i do well on monday and wednesday. Jazakallah

  49. mehatabb.syed says:

    assalamulekum warahmatullahi wa barakatu i had really worked hard for my medical entrance examination. the results are going to be announced tomorrow. i believe strongly that ALLAH will surely help me please dua me yaad rakhna &what i have to do

  50. lamin says:

    hello my dear Muslim brothers i will be going for an interview later this month please can you help me with some duas.

  51. Nayab says:

    assalawaleikum..hi m nayab i wantd to ask if der r any duas to get rid of fears while ridin the scooty..m learnin since a year but havnt learnt coz once met with an accident in car after dat my confidence got so low..cn u plz help me with any duas to get rid of my fear n gain confidence to learn soon..jazakallah..plz do rreply

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam, whenever one meets an accident, it is natural that psychological fear gets ingrained in our minds, the same happened with me too. but one has to overcome that fear. whenever you start your scooty always read Ayatal Kursi and blow on yourself and ur scooty with a prayer that may Allah prevent any kind of accident. you should also keep reciting YA HAFEEZO when you are driving, it helps to gain cofnidence that inshallah nothing will happen and Allah is with you.

  52. Mariya says:

    As salaamu walekum warehamat allah…Sister shadaanalam zazak Allah for your time and the posts ,Alhamdullilah i have successfully passed the first semester of my master degree ,may Allah give you success in this world and the here after….May Allah fullfill your permissible supplications ..AMEEN……….

    • jj says:

      Please dua for me muslim sisters and brothers im crying because i know i did bad but i read this dua inshallah allah will get me the grades im trying to aim for

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum salam, sister, mashallah good to know about ur success, inshallah Allah will guide you always and help you acheive the best in ur life,Ameen.

  53. AOA says:

    Aslamalikum, I have done my exams and am waiting on results, is there any dua to read to help get exam success… i tried my best but the papers were quite difficult any sort of dua??
    Thank you

    • shadaanalam says:

      u must read the above mentioned dua 99 times after any farz namaaz inshallah Allah will grant you success. You can also read Salat-Hajat and ask Allah for help

  54. shazia says:

    dua for me get sucesss in my life[ameen]

  55. Kainat Azad says:

    Aoa. Hope u’ll be fine. Aunti I have given my 9th class board examz. My result will be out on 15th of august. I wants you nd my all frnds who read this please kindly pray for me that may allah pak give me gud marks in my examz ameen. I hope u’ll surely do pray for me in ur every prayers. And I m depressed nd tensed tooo bt hope from allah pak for the best.

  56. Seyra says:

    Salaam..I have given my exams. I failed my January exams, but this time I have worked so hard for them. I’m so stressed I keep on having dreams about my results. I have been reading lots of duas including ”Hasbunallahu-wa-nimal-Wakil nimal-Maula-wa-nimal-Naseer ” and making dua at Iftaar time….. I have just seen this website now, so I didn’t have the privilege of reading it before entering my exams, but I am sure I can still read it now. So my question is how and when do I read the above dua, as I have already taken the exams. Jazakallah Khayr

    • shadaanalam says:

      Read it daily atleast 11 times and pray to Allah, inshallah He willl guide you and make you successful. Ameen

      • jabir says:

        I’m so sad now that i failed 4 time in my CA intermediate exam. Even i have studied a lot, i can’t get time in exam. I’m was very interested in my studies and all especially in accounting. Now My faith has been losing which was stronger once. My mother always dreaming about my good future. But if i intimate this incident she will become sad. And i always pray to alla to relieve my tension. Now i feel like i’m alone in a dark room without no1 to care me. Can’t sleep, can’t eat n can’t even speak. That much i have gone mad. But i still believe that allah is TESTING me and he will give me reward for this. Please pray for me brothers and sister…it’s my request… Is this dua is dua authentic(saheeh)..??
        Asalamu alaikum

  57. KAINAT AZAD says:

    i was reading this duaa for getting good result. Dear friends please also do pray for ;e my result will be on 4th of august 2012. Please i am greatly very in need of ur prayers, hope u all pray for ur muslim sister. Jazakallah

  58. Sana says:

    Assalam alaikum sister,
    I am sana, i took css exam in 2010, but, i failed in 2 papers, now m working hard n want to appear in 2013 INSHALLAH, m so worried plz help me n tell me dua to get success in css exam

  59. Sana says:

    Assalam alaikum sister, m sana plz help me m so worried, i am preparing with hardwork for css exam, plz tell me dua to pass css exam

  60. Faizah says:

    Salam….can I read this ….I’m going for my driving Test I failed once I really want to pass its coming up next week..please do make dua for me I pass this driving test

  61. ABUBAKAR DABO says:


  62. Sana says:

    Assalam alaikum
    Thanks for repling please also guide me how and when to read above mentioned Dua

  63. Sana says:

    Assalam alaikum
    Thanks for repling please also guide me how and when to read above mentioned Dua and can i keep reading after exams

  64. Gopalan Ramana says:

    i need dua for a job please

  65. Maria says:

    Salam. Jazakallah for this duaa…I am getting my gcse results tommorow and hopefully with the help of allah i will get the results i nedd.

  66. ASHARA says:


  67. YA ALLAHA AL MADAD says:

    i am applying for junior engineer job they want 60% of marks but i have 58 %. plz all brother and sister pray for me that by rehmat of almighty ALLAHA i get this job.


  68. Mariya says:

    Assalamu walekum warehamat allah,sister shadaanalam .
    how are you and please pray for me and all ummat for being in peace.
    sister i need some dua’s which will help to get my urge fulfilled insha allah.
    Please guide me and provide some dua’s too..

  69. Sehar says:

    Asalamalekum …i just wanted to ask…my husband is having difficulty getting enough marks in the exam..he studies but keep repeating same mistakes…i am very much afraid…i want himto succesd…can i read this duaand blow on him everyday? Will it help?

  70. Assalam alaikum 🙂
    How are you? Hope u r Fine:) Sis i want to say that my medical exam is begining from 18th of sept. Theory & mcqs will be first. So please pray for me…..
    Thanks 🙂

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam sister, nice to hear from you again. Inshallah you will achieve success by Allah’s grace, work hard and pray hard. tkcr

  71. Dua for success in my life………..plz

  72. moin says:

    i need the best dua for success plz help

    • shadaanalam says:

      HAVE FAITH IN Allah and recite the above dua, there is nothing best or worst it is ur faith in Allah which gives you success as well as your own hardwork

  73. Nafi razzaque says:

    Assalamualaikum , I am a 14 year old boy and my height is 5’4″ .please tell me a dua so that i can increase my height.

  74. Abdul Rahmon says:

    Hello Am Abdul Rahmon all Need is a Prayer for Success In Life and i Pray Allah Help me to Change My Life please help me out of this

  75. hafsa says:

    Asslam wailikum sisters and brothers
    my results are going to come on next week
    soo please pray for me

    thank u

  76. Mufeed syed says:

    Pls snd me dua to mail id menition above

  77. nahid reza says:

    Assalam-alaikm,i m going 2 apear in md exam,plz pray 4 me,i m tensed.
    I wnt 2 knw dt hw many time this dua shuld recite in day,nd b4 going to exam and also tel me abt sura qamal,hw many times to recite b4 going 2 exam hal.and above dua is nt clear on my cmputer plz email me this with transltn.last bt nt list plz pray 4 my succes.

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam, it is already stated that this dua has to be recited daily 99 times. do so before going for exams too. “Surah Qalam” should be recited daily once and blow on yourself. If it is difficult for you to do so then do recite it on every friday.

  78. Yaseen says:

    Salam sister, Please pray for me.My result will be out tomorow.My future depends on this exam result.Please pray for me.I know my Allah will definitly help me but I need you people prayers.

  79. mariya says:

    Assalamu alekum sister shadaanalam ,kaisi ho aap ,please hamare liye dua karna ki hum exams aur profession main kamiyab ho jayein ,please aap batadijiaeh ki hum kya padhain jiss say hamari tension kam hojaye……………Dua ki darkhwast…………Allah Hafeez….!!!!!!!!!1

  80. habib says:

    i used this dua for success for an interview i have may Allah subhana wa ta ala grant me a job offer, in’ sha Allah, Ameen

  81. saidullah says:

    Dear all,
    Obsulately, Allah almighty will never reject your dua ,but He only knows when and how to be accepted. Please,kindly also recite this Dua: یا حی یا قیوم برحمتک استغیث


  82. shafi says:

    asslmwalekum……my name is shaik shafi,i have alot of hindu friends where sometimes i mistrack the namaz time and spend that time with them……plz muje kuch suggestion aur dua sunao ki mai apni pure namaz pad sakhu aur woh shaitan jo muje namaz se rok tha hai use jawab de saku……kuch galthiya hai tho maaf karna mere muslmaan bhai…..

  83. Ummati muhammadiya says:

    As-salamu alekum warehamatullah .How are you sister ,with the grace of Allah i am doing great and insha allah i will be soon attending my second semester exams and my request to all brothers and sisters to pray for me……………That i should do good in my master degree exams insha allah…Ameen And jazak allah to all……………..:)

  84. fathema says:

    Assalamoalaikum.. May Allah bless u … and make duas for me i have exams on wednesay 5 decemeber.

  85. assalam o alaikum ,
    can u tell me if we have to read this dua before the exam or during it or after it. thank you…….

  86. shafqat says:

    Dear sister
    I read this dua before my interview and finally after 3 interviews I got the job Masha Allah
    I got this job after 10 years I’m so happy jazak Allah sister may Allah bless you.
    Please tell me dua for keeping this job safe and what can I recite for Nazar
    Please do let me know thanks

    • shadaanalam says:

      Mashallah, very happy to hear this, Allah Mubarak karey. don’t forget to offer two rakat namaaz-shukrana to Allah for this job. for nazar you must recite “la haul wala…..” as many times as you can and blow on yourself. you can also read “Ya Barro” 7 times and blow on yourself.

  87. Afreen says:

    Assalamu alekum to all , my kind request to you all is Please do pray for my aunty as she is not keeping wel since from 1 month,Please pray for her ,she desperately needs the supplication of one and all.Please har dua main mere chachiji ko yaad rakhana unka naam hain Roshan

  88. Ziikra says:

    I have always had a hard time academically but i have given a exam recently and I would like to pass this exam to get into uni Insha’Allah May Allah Make my dream come. Please pray for me I really need help and Allah,s mercy 😦

    • shadaanalam says:

      Inshallah you will pass with good marks, have faith in Allah and do read Surah Qalam atleast once a week and blow on yourself.

  89. azkhaliq786 says:

    Hi Brothers and Sisters,
    I have an exam tomorrow and I am really worried about it, I have put a lot of work in to revision. Could you please do dua for me that I pass with a good mark please. Thank you.

  90. Humayra says:

    Asslamualikum i have madrasah exams really want full marks inshallah i do read this dua most of the time so please make dua i get my desired results inshallah inshallah

  91. s.valibasha says:

    Please Someone do dua for my brother to clear his exam, he is writing from the past 3 years, please dua for my Brother his name is Jabeer………. Please it is my humble request.

  92. s.valibasha says:

    I have requested my brother (Jabeer) to apply for revaluation, please do dua to clear his exam in revaluation………….. I crying while writing this, because he is appearing from the past 3 years but no success. Please can someone do dua to clear his exam in this revaluation. I am begging …..

  93. Saeeda says:

    JazakerAllah, small small duas make us to become closer to Allah Swt. Allah swt will give you reward, InshaAllah.
    I would like to ask you Can I pray behave of my daugher and blow on her,
    Is she can pray one or two days before exam. Can she pray during her period. Please pray for my daughter.
    JazakerAllah Kheir

    • shadaanalam says:

      of course you can pray on behalf of your daughter and blow on her, my mother has always done this for me because in exams i couldnt do it myself regularly. If she has learnt it by heart she can read it in her periods also

  94. haleema says:

    Asalam ualaikum. how many times do you have to read the dua? 99 times or 13 times? & do you have to blown on yourself after readin the dua?

    walaikum asalam

  95. haleema says:

    asalam alaikum

  96. Nimra says:

    Do I have to recite it 99 times every time before studying?

  97. Rimsha azim says:

    nd cn u plz temme dat in which abt surah qalam? Plz temme soon M in big need,nd vry scared abt ma entrance.. :(..m waiting …temme soon plz

  98. Kamal hasan says:

    A/w bhai jaan maine abhi 12 ka board exams diya hai ple tell me any dua to get more nd more marks

  99. urshia says:

    Aoa brother I recite this dua 99 times a day from this dua i feel sure to get passing marks . My exams is just around plz pray for me to get highest marks in the class .

  100. my results on 25th may…..dua ki darkhash….hope allah listen ma dua……il try ds vth whle heart

  101. daniya says:

    sallam waleikum mi result will be declared on 27thmay and its board result………mi parents expect a lot from me…….plzz i request you to remember me n ur dua and pray dat i come in the range of merit holder…if i make up good percent i can get d admission in the good college…..plzz i request u all to pray for me……n wll definitly remind u too in my prayers……jazakallah khair..

  102. Raheel says:


    please pray for me aswell my exams have already begun i dont feel i have made the most of the time allah has blessed me with but inshallah i have been trying to recently! i hope its not too late and i have started reading this dua from today and feel a bit more at peace alhumdulillah ! jazakallah soo much !

  103. Umer says:

    My result is on 10th June …plz pray for my good result .

  104. Umer says:

    AOA . Everyone my result is on 10 June please pray for my good result . May Allah help me give me success in exams .. Please Recite dua for me I am very worried !

  105. saima says:

    For the dua to work do you have to learn it off by heart

  106. Khadija Akther Misty says:

    I want to desired a long time ago, I want to get a good job which is that i desired. But not get a good job. I am hard and soul try for my best but not get a good job. Which is the suitable Surah for me.

  107. Nazish Mohammed says:

    Reblogged this on Nazish Mohammed and commented:
    Dua for Success in Exams

  108. ahmad says:

    Assalam alaikum,we really do appreciate the du’as,can someone help me with the dua to seek for success in an already written exams?

  109. Shahid says:

    Give me a small wazifa we obtain a good marks in exam

  110. azkhaliq786 says:

    I have been reading dua, and I have had my exams and I am expecting my results very soon, I worked very hard and just hope that I pass and get really high/good marks, as I am very worried, please May Allah grant my wish. As it is my final university year and I really wish to get good marks. InShAllah I hope I get really good result. Ameen

  111. Assalam alaikum 🙂
    How Are You? Hope uou are fine:)
    I am having my paper on monday S. pathology on 9th feb, which is really very tough paper especially mcqs 😦 and theory
    plz do pray for me……
    as iam really very tensed and depressed 😦

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