Dua to have flourishing business and become rich

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Essential duas for Different Problems
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  1. Abuahmad says:

    Then make more dua for your brothers and sisters in Islam, if you need to have a flourishing business and become rich quickly.

    Consider this Hadith by the Prophet (saws):

    “The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.”

    …… Reported by Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi

    Consider this Hadeeth of the prophet (SAWS): The Prophet (saws) said:

    Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘aameen and same to you.’

  2. Md abubaker siddiq says:

    In a day when 2 read this dua to become rich

  3. Salam, how many times will i read the surah, when and in which condition?

  4. michael Young says:

    duaa for riches is just too good

  5. Karim says:

    I want to become rich and wealthy man pls give me a powerfull and miracle dua so i can become rich man.

  6. yinusa onare says:

    i like your prayers in your website pls do try to send progress prayer to me and any other dua prayer

  7. zaheeda says:

    Please send me the dua to get rich in english translations and the meaning shukran

  8. latifa says:

    Assalamu alaikum…

    i want to start business on travellin abroad n buying things for sale…
    my mother said not now.
    my father said i can go ahead.
    am afraid that bcos my mother said no to me…. the business might not be good.
    wat do i do.

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum assalam, when you are faced with such a situation in life when you yourself are unable to decide what is good or bad for you the best thing is always to leave it to Allah. so please read ‘Ya Haadio’ daily 101 times and pray to Allah to show the right path whether this business will be good for you or not.

  9. azlan says:

    i opened a business i need business
    what should i read

  10. Zubeida says:

    Assalamo Aleikum, Please help me im a working mother with a great husband and 2 lovely boys. my husband has been having dificluty in his business. please help us he lost most of his business now he is strugling alot. shukran

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum assalam ,Allah tests us in everything be it financially, emotionally or in any other way He wishes. We have to have faith in Him. Recite the above duas, offer two rakat salat hajat and pray daily.

  11. Zahid Hussein says:

    First of all you have to be practice muslim.
    You have to prayer five times a day and do all what Allah has commented.
    If Allah wants to give it you to you and if Allah don’t give it to you Allhamdolilah and if he gives it to you Allhamdolilah.
    Allah test you.everyday in your life..
    I make dua for you may Allah fulfill your need ameen.

  12. sabiakhan3 says:

    I have two businesses that are real slow and not making progress. How many times would have to say these surahs? For how long? What times should I say them?

  13. Irshad malik says:

    Assalam walekum

    I have started a new business with so much difficulty but I am still facing problem with that and not getting a business of single penny.This business is my last hope to get stable in life.Please guide me and let me know what to do.I started praying namaaz five time..Please help me .I have taken loan for starting of this business.Now I am worried and tensed because I am not getting any business although we are working hard.

    Waiting for your revert in my mail.

  14. Hajra Iqbal says:

    Please send dua to control our aggressive behaviour

  15. RABIU LIMAN says:


  16. Please, forward all dua for business success to me

  17. Pradeep says:

    Salam I started my business with readymade garments 2 yrs back closed due to my negligency i closed shop six months back & wanted to start again which dua should i recite to flourish my business.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Plz recite this dua daily, but also read salaat hajat and then read it. inshallah Allah will give you rizq, also you can read ‘ya Razzako’ as much as possible

  18. faisal says:

    Assalamu alaikum

    I doing real estate business in abudhabi
    Especially flat leasing and building and land buying, selling…
    Business are coming well..but no successful. .
    Please let me know which dua I keep..
    Also I have to get money from my client
    I got the business. .but till waiting the cash..

  19. Dd says:

    Any dua we can read to financialy secure our parents? They are old and can’t work due to many reasons and they will have no source of income after i get married and i won’t be abel to help after marriage. Please suggest a dua that can be read to invoke Allah’s blessings for my parents.

  20. feeroza says:

    As Salaam wa Alaikum,I humbly request duas that I can read to boost my sales at work,as well as excel at my job,please help I desperately need help jazakallah!

  21. salaam nureen ademola says:

    duas for making money, clearing of debt and getting good customers

  22. sabiakhan3 says:

    Dua for selling all the vehicle’s I have

  23. faisal says:

    Assalaamu alaikum
    1. I had see many time on the sky
    Allahu …but that happened on the way ziyarath
    One time I showed to my friend sitting with me ..but he couldn’t see
    It will be few second…Written by cloud on sky
    Why happening like this
    When i sit seeshore (beach) looking sky at night
    I saw one time ..2 birds flying together
    That birds was light not real birds
    only light…that time my friend with me ..but he couldn’t see

    Second time I saw one bird only
    Same seeshore with my same friend
    That bird stomach have a pearl high brightness light

    Same thing my friend couldn’t see
    I showed him but ..

    Could you please answer me…what’s the meaning of this

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