Dua for knowledge and exam success 




Rabi shrahli sadri wa ya sirli amri wah’lul ukda taminli sani yafkahu qouli.

O my lord! Open my heart, make my work easy for me, and remove the impediment from my speech so that they may understand my speech.


Recite the above verses as much as you can, especially before you sit for studies, recite at least 11 times. Inshallah you will get good marks, and get success in whatever career you choose, by Allah’s mercy and grace, Ameen

  1. Iliyas says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    Please now that my promotion interview is very close, can i make it a habit to be reciting the exams dua constantly?

    May continue to bless you for all your contribution on giving daus.


    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam brother, yes you must recite it daily. Just read 2 rakat salat-o-hajaat and recite this dua, and ask for Allah’s help and mercy. Inshallah Allah will guide you.

  2. shaheda says:


  3. Nadeen Malik says:

    Assalamu Alaikum
    Thank you very much ! I wanted to ask .. I have a exams coming up .. would you have to recite thos due ONLY during prayer or can you also recite right before the exam ..

    Thank you

    • shadaanalam says:

      you can recite them in prayer as well as before going to exam, u can even blow over yourself. the more you read the better

  4. Salima says:

    Thank you very much, inshallah this will really help me.

  5. Malikah says:

    Another dua for exam success:——- “Fainna hasbakallah huwalazi ayyadakka bi nasrihee was bil mu’mineen” Pray 7X before exams and intervies etc.

  6. danyal tahir says:

    i hope that i will pass the exam today is my result day plz pray for me thanks all my islami brothers

  7. rayees ahmad says:

    shukriya, jazakallahu khair,

  8. Hafsah says:

    evry1 plz mke dua 4 me i hav been tryin realy hard but i wnt 2 show evry1 dat i cum 1st place inshaallah allah wil listen 🙂 xx

  9. Hafsah says:

    Assalaamualaikum wa rahmatuallah wa barakatuh OMGG i cnt blieve it i came first ::::) omg fnx 2 evry1 hu mde dua 4 me dazakallah!

  10. sidrah says:

    Please help me and give me your advice. I am not doing well in school, I’ve been studying really hard, always complete my readings and write notes. I read namaz and make a lot of dua’s for myself but I am not being successful. I work so hard but my hard work is not paying off. Please give me advice as to what I can do and what dua’s I can recite to become successful. Thank you. JazakAllah

  11. MISBAH NAWAZ says:


    • shadaanalam says:

      u must read the above mentioned dua 99 times after any farz namaaz inshallah Allah will grant you success. You can also read Salat-Hajat and ask Allah for help


  13. Almustapha says:

    Pls my brothers & sisters in islam pray for me am writing my final B. Agric exams thanks you all.

  14. fahad says:

    Can this help me on any exam such as the mcat or sat? Or any standardized test because I want to make my parents proud of me.

  15. faiza says:

    Can i read this dua for driving test …plssss plss pray I pass my test.

  16. Ayesha says:

    Asalam u alikum.. Today in the afternoon my result will b declared .. And i’m really worried about it ..bcoz my exam wasnt good .. Can anyone tell me any dua for positive results 😦 please

  17. Fayeza says:

    Salam, my results are coming tomorrow, could everyone please pray for me as I want to make my parents proud of me.. also I wish to be the first girl to go University in my generation (family)..please make dua?…I would appreciate it a lot..Also I tried my best.. now I will leave everything to Allah (SWT).
    Jazak’Allah Khaiyr

  18. Nadir Abdullahi says:

    Insha’allah getting my gcse results back tomorrow, I just wanted to know how much can I read this dua, can I read it in English and if everyone could make alot of dua for me please and insha’allah may Allah give you want you need insha’allah

  19. Mariam says:

    My exams are starting from tomorrow… Jazakallah for the beautiful dua… Please can everyone please pray for my success… I hvae worked as hard as i could and have left the rest on Allah with the trust that he will be by my side! Inshallah!


  20. Bilal hameed says:

    This dua is power ful and help in study

  21. Talha khan says:

    Plz all islamic brthrs and sistrs pray for my gud result in the exams

  22. Nabiela says:

    My child is having difficulty in talking he is not understood by other people. he dosent stutter/stummer but speech in unclear. he is now 4 years. sum 1 told me to read the above dua once in the morning blow it on breakfast for 40 days? do i do this and is there anything else i can do to read on him and make his speech clear???

    • shadaanalam says:

      Yes sister you are right, this dua is one of the most beautiful duas for speech, inshallah your child will gain a lot from this dua. you should not confine yourself for just 40 days rather make it a habit to read and blow on your child this dua till he is mature enough to do himself. This will broaden his mind, he will become intelligent and inshallah will gain success in studies too.

      • Nabiela says:

        jazakAllah sister. may Allah reward you for you efforts. plz make dua for my son. thankyou so much again

  23. Faizi says:

    Dear Admin,
    i would like to ask i myself feel unlucky in the exams (CSS). i have been doing my best hard work for this exam and i have been appeared twice but unfortunately i could not qualify ..
    i am quite worried for the exams and about my upcoming future
    I am going to appear once again in This 23 Feb 2013
    i would like to ask what should i do to get success in this examination
    Please guide me
    any especial pray for as i am getting hopeless and my moral strength is on weaker side
    Please guide me

    • shadaanalam says:

      dont be tensed and consider yourself unlucky. failures and success are part of each one of us’s life. it might be that Allah has destined something better for you and is just testing your faith and trust in Him. just study hard and pray hard. Always pray to Allah to guide you with regard to your future. so it is best for you to read Ya Haadiyo daily 100 times and Allah will guide you to the career which will bring you success and happiness. The above dua is apt and to the best of my knowledge one of the most beautiful duas for exam success. do read it daily before sitting for studies at least 11 times.

  24. Aqsa says:

    Inshallah I get an A in my maths exam tommorrow I hope I dua comes true

  25. ashfaque says:

    assalamu alaikum, i’m kind of in a helpless situation. My mbbs admission test is on the day after tomorrow. Pls pray for me. This is really important 2 me. I believe the dua will help me pass the exam. May ALLAH bless us all.

  26. fatima says:

    thanks for posting such a beautifull dua…may Allah bless you… rmmbr me in ur special duas that i pass my exams…i have my 1st prof (BDS) exams approching… regards

  27. Abubakar s Ahmed says:

    Asslm brothrs n sistrs in islam.. Need ur pryrz in my xamz…

  28. rahim says:

    Dua for me brothers and sis for getting first rank in secreteriate assistant


    Asalam aleikum warahamatu la wabarakatu hu…!
    Gud day my fellow muslim brothers and sisters…!
    Plz i nid a serious prayer 4rom u all..i work hard in term of my academic…all seems neva to change..i kip praying to ALLAH(swt)..i knws he loves me but i neva see changes again..am even planin to change the school am in nw…from poly to university…and i want a help from anyone who can enroll me in admission i dnt need ur financial support…plz my fellow brothers and sisters i need ur prayers and help….may almighty ALLAH (swt) be and bless us all….(AMIN)…you all can reach me on my mail…{basitomeiza@gmail.com}…..masalam…!

  30. hassun says:

    I have an exam tommorow and insha’alaa I will pass this exam and notify the admin for my success.

    Thank you admin for putting this lovely dua up.
    Salaam Alakoom

  31. maryaaaaam says:

    Asalamualaikum can everyone please male dua for me that ii pass all my upcoming exams?& in sha allah ii will get good grades? THankyou!

  32. Zaina khan says:

    Please can everyone make dua for me so that I pass my alimah course in’sha’Allah so that I can educate people in the near future and take 70people to heaven and bring people towards Islam the true religion jazakallah khair

  33. genelia says:

    salaam waleikum brothers n sis …….mi board exam is approachng vry soon……….i want to score up best grdes to get me admitted in bst university……plzz i request u all to pray 4r mi sucess……n inshallah do hop dat ur problems to get solved……inshallah….may allah bless evry 1 for uploadng such beautiful duas …….jazak allah khair…….

  34. lawan says:

    Pls help me I am in trouble.becouse if I am in school I afraid so much. Wether teacher ask me question I know the ques.that he ask me but if I goin to talk is come out wrong.that is why I need your help give me some dua of afraid out in my heart

    • shadaanalam says:

      first of all, dont be tensed and stop worrying brother. unable to speak in front of the teacher or in front of class students is a common problem faced by most of us, including me. I have been similar to you i couldnt have the courage to even read or ask a question to teacher or even answer thus this is something which happens with most of us. Yes you can surely get this fear out of your heart, first thing is to make your mind work in your favour- you have to believe in yourself that you know what you have to say. Make a habit of practising aloud everything at home, when one studies loudly or learns something in high tone one is not just able to learn it better but also one is able to speak in a better way if the same thing is asked in the class. so develop the practise of learning loudly at home. With regard to dua, then have faith brother this is the best dua for you. It will open up your speech, you will be able to speak clearly and without fear. You will not just learn but also able to remember things well. Make it a habit of daily reciting this dua before you sit for studies and blow on yourself. ALso have faith in yourself and in Allah, don;t be tensed. hope you must be feeling much better now, good luck for your studies.

  35. fatima says:

    Salam! I wrote exams and d exams were very tough for me. Pls can u tell me any du’a to be reciting everyday before my result will be out. And please help me with prayers. Thank you

  36. Sohail says:

    Salaam my brothers and sisters , I have an upcoming sats test I want 2 make my mum proud , I feeling scared weather I get good marks or not what should I do

  37. rimsha azim says:

    Assalamualikum …i hv ma b.tech entrance exam as m working hard bt plz temme a dua to get success,i realy wana clear d entrce exams coz ma fathr is nt in ds wrld n ma mothr cnt afford such a huge amount for d btech frm private colleges,olready i lost ma 1 yr bt i deadly wana achive ma goal i wana make ma mothr proud,i knw ALLAH is der for ol as m praying 2 rakht namaz daily in tahajuut as wel as in isha namaz for d succes bt cn u plz temme a dua for d sucess plz itz ma humble req. to u ..n plz temme too abt d surah kalam as u hv mentiond … m vry scared 😦 plz do d rply soon m waitin

    • shadaanalam says:

      recite the duas which are mentioned in this blog for success in exams, dua for knowledge. have faith in Allah when you recite the same. You can read Surah Qalam and blow on yourself after any of the farz namaaz. Mashallah you are already reading salat hajat so just have patience, Allah will listen to you and your duas soon. Dont loose hope in his mercy. surah qalam is in para 28 of Holy Quran

      • rimsha azim says:

        Jazaakallah …! bt m cunfuzd hw to recite d dua for succes in exams i mean cn i recite it aftr isha namaz and 99 times daily bfor ma rezlts of entrnz or 11 times daily? plz make me clear

  38. shadaanalam says:

    Ii is already written there with the dua how you have to recite it.:
    Recite the above verses as much as you can, especially before you sit for studies, recite at least 11 times. Inshallah you will get good marks, and get success in whatever career you choose, by Allah’s mercy and grace, Ameen

  39. rimsha azim says:

    jazakallah hu khairan ..inshallah i vill do d same…plz duaon m yaad rkhyega… as per ma knoledge surah qalam is in para 29 ?..correct me if m wrong?

  40. Aishah says:

    Brothers and sisters in islam,will b writin an exam too,which ma younger sister has alredy done and she had a very high mark.I hope to gain Allah’s rahma bcz I dnt want ma parents to see me as a failure and ma sista to laugh at me..pls I desperately need yur help,pls pray for me too.I really want to pass this exam too evn if I won’t score has high as ma yonger sister.I just want a suitable mark dat can make admission into the uni possible…JazaakaAllah

  41. saba says:

    from where this verse is taken plz tell me

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