Dua for protection from serious illnesses

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Duas for Diseases
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  1. Nada says:

    Assalam alayikum. Can any of the brothers and sisters suggest a dua or wazifa to cure cancer? I already know about this: http://www.muslimdua.com/2009/08/cancer-duas.html
    Doctors think my mother has it… I would really appreciate any help. And also anyone reading this.. please make dua for her afiyat, shifa, and long life.

  2. shadaanalam says:

    Dear sister, its really touching to know about your mother and i can understand your pain and sufferings too at this time, just be with your mother, make her happy in the best manner, read Ya Seen Shareef as much as possible and blow on water and make her drink it, this willl give her relief from the pain inshallah. You can also read Dua-e- Mustajaab which is said to be one of the most effective for pain in any body part.

    Cancer is sometimes known or unknown. For those, for whom the cancer is confirmed, these words are insha Allah very effective:
    Allahu Ghaniyyun Wa Kaamilun
    Allah The Independent, The Perfect

    These words should be read 511 times in the morning, 511 times in the noon and 511 times at night. When this recitation is completed, then blow on the water and drink it. Insha Allah ta’ala this water will heal from the inside and remove the problem and its cause. One should be patient and not be disappointed because the Quran
    La taqnatu min rahmatilLah
    Do not lose hope in Allah’s mercy…
    (Quran 39:53)

    Every kind of treatment is in the Quran. Another dua for cancer is
    to read durood-e-pak (any) 100 times, then recite the following 411
    times and blow on the spot of cancer and also blow on the water
    and drink it:
    Ya Baaqiu Ya Shaaiidu, Ya Shaafiu, Ya Nadheeru
    Insha Allah ta’ala this will bring cure soon.

    Just pray and pray, inshallah your mother will become healthy by the grace and mercy of Allah. Ameen

  3. subuhi says:

    my husband is suffering from throat and mouth pain since one year, tried everything but don’t know the reason of illness, if anyone knows any dua please tell me,

  4. Salam,

    How do we recite the dua, like how many times everyday?


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