Dua to be read if your Child is Disobedient and doesn’t listen to you

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Dua for Marriage &Married Couples
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  1. Fad says:

    How to contral a 21/2 year old child ad he is so disobedient. he even starts beating me and does not listen to me at all.

    • shadaanalam says:

      You should recite the above verses, inshallah Allah will help you, also, it is said that if someone is angry or shouts and screams a lot (not necessarily a child, he could be a boss, also) one should recite “Aaoozobillahi minash shaitwa nir rajeem” repeatedly and blow over that person and he will calm down,. This i have tried personally and it really works, if someone is angry you can recite, it is not needed that person should hear it, you can quietly recite and just blow, inshallah you will see his anger getting melt down very soon, Ameen

  2. me says:

    My son of 15 also beat me very hard.i read this dua but it take time. It is in his dna.if allah want to test you thrue ure children then he say kun fayakun.i must have sabr.what can i do.dua is my only hope.he is unhandle disrespectfull agressive boy.i have to listen to him instead of him to me.im scared he beat very hard.please anyone who read my story make dua he dont beat me anymore

  3. shahidha says:

    can anyone write this verse in english

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