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The best times to make Dua to Allah swt.

1. After Tashahud Right before ending your prayer.
2. While it’s raining.
3. Before Fajr (last third of the night).
4. During Sujood.
5. An hour in a Friday, most opinions say during the Jum’a/Friday prayer.
6. While drinking Zamzam water.
7. When feeling injustice, oppression and during war.
8. While traveling.
9. Right after making Wudu.
10. While visiting a sick person


1. Barley ( jau):
Good in fever, while use in a soup form.

2. Dates:
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) said that a house without dates has no food. It should also be eaten at the time of childbirth.

3. Figs:
It is a fruit from paradise and a cure for piles.

4. Grapes:
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) ) was very fond of grapes – it purifies the blood, provides vigour and health, strengthens the kidneys and clears the bowels.

5. Honey:
Considered the best remedy for diarrhoea when mixed in hot water. It is the food of foods, drink of drinks and drug of drugs. It is used for creating appetite, strengthening the stomach, eliminating phlegm; as a meat preservative, hair conditioner, eye soother and mouthwash. It is extremely beneficial in the morning in warm water.

6. Melon:
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) said: ‘None of your women who are pregnant and eat of water melon will fail to produce off spring that is good in countenance

7. Milk:
The Prophet(صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) said that milk wipes away heat from the heart just as the finger wipes away sweat from the brow. It strengthens the back, improved the brain, renews vision and drives away forgetfulness.

8. Mushroom:
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) said that mushroom is a good cure for the eyes; it also serves as a form of birth control and arrests paralysis.

9. Olive Oil:
Excellent treatment for skin and hair, delays old age, and treats inflammation of the stomach.

10. Pomegranate:
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) said it cleanses you of Satan and evil aspirations for 40 days.

11. Vinegar:
A food Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to eat with olive oil.

12. Water:
The Prophet (صلى الله عليه واله وسلم) said the best drink in this world is water, when you are thirsty drink it by sips and not gulps, gulping produces sickness of the liver

Salat is one of the five fundamental requirements that a Muslim is obligated to perform. Salat is given the highest priority in the Holy Quran. There are many benefits of Salat described in the Book of Allah. It says, innassalata tanha anil fahsha’i, Surely Prayer restrains one from indecency. (29:46) Some Physical benefits of salat in the short note.

1 Regular exercise reduces cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol causes heart failures, strokes, diabetes and many other ailments. It is a known fact that people in professions where exercise is required have less amount of cholesterol in their bodies.

2 Salat is an excellent form of exercise to prevent indigestion. In the morning when stomach is empty, a Muslim is required to offer fewer number of Rak’aat whereas in the evening after the dinner we offer an extra number of Rak’aat.

3 By offering Takbir at the beginning of salat, we move hand and shoulder muscles thereby increasing the flow of blood towards torso. Akamat performs a similar function.

4 The most important function in salat is sajdah where we touch the ground with our forehead. This posture increases fresh supply of blood to our brain. Needless to say in certain forms of yoga some adherents stand on their heads for the same purpose.

5 In tashah’hud position, our hip, elbow, knee joints, backbone, wrist joints move in a way that it provides a form of relaxation to our entire body. Pressure is applied on the body parts as if it was a kind of massage which releases tension.

6 Heart in the most important organ in the body. It supplies fresh blood to all body tissues. These body movements performed during salat are an excellent source of exercise for our heart as well. According to a Hadith of the Holy Prophet,”There is an organ in the body, when it is healthy, the whole body is healthy, and when this is sick, the entire body becomes sick”. It is the heart.

7 A remarkable tissue in our body is cartilage. It is unique in being a living tissue with no direct blood supply. The only way it receives nutrients and oxygen is by movements of the joints. The pumping effect forces blood into the joint area which would otherwise be bypassed. Those who sit at the terminals are in greater danger of ending up with dead cartilage tissues that will subsequently wear away. This will leave us with arthritis, painful joints and paralysis.

8.Bacteria and viruses find safe haven in joints for this reason as no blood cell can get at them and in most cases neither can antibodies. Salat therefore, has many orthopedic benefits for all Muslims. Next time you offer salat, thank Almighty Allah that He made you a Muslim. Indeed, there is cure in salat.

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islamic supplications

O Allah… I told You: I’m in trouble…..
You said: ‘Do not despair of the mercy of Allah’ ♥

I told You: I am depressed…
You said: ‘Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest’ ♥

I told You: Many people hurt me…..
You said: ‘So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them’ ♥

I told You: I feel I’m alone…..
You said: ‘We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein’ ♥

I told You: My sins are so many…..
You said: ‘And who can forgive sins except Allah?’ ♥

I told You: Do not leave me….
You said: ‘So remember Me; I will remember you…’ ♥

I told You: I’m facing a lot of difficulties in life….
You said: ‘And whoever fears Allah – He will make for him a way out’ ♥

I told You: I have many dreams that I want to come true….
You said: ‘Call upon Me; I will respond to you.’ ♥

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islamic hadith










These are some of the sunnahs of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

1. Always meet people with a smile.
2. Help a blind man to cross the road.
3. Remove stones from the path.
4. Always go and meet someone who is sick and also ask him/her to pray for you. A sick person’s prayer (dua) is similar to an angel’s prayers

The Prophet (pbuh) always wanted us to share the sunnahs. So please share