Life….so easy yet so tough, so rude yet so lovely, so tearful yet so smiling….pain, suffering, and then laughter, happiness….yes this is life and this is what all of us goes through, some today, some tomorrow. But in each moment and in each sphere of our life, we need Allah, His mercy, His help,His forgiveness. This blog too was made in such a situation only..when life was dark, full of chaos, problems,worries..when there was just one Dua – Allah help me! And indeed He is All Merciful.
Beyond doubt, We all need the help and blessings of Allah almost in every breath of ours. The prime aim of the blog is to let the duas and other Quranic verses be known to almost each and every Muslim who has firm faith on the mercy of Allah. Almost each one us goes through a hard and testing time at point of time or the other and hence seek solace in the Holy Quran. This is just an attempt to share the duas and verses to those who might be in need of them depending upon the needs, I have collected them over a period of time and hence for some of them the exact source or link is not given.
Join this and share this blog  and if possible kindly add the duas and supplications you know in order to help and guide all of us.
The Duas and Supplications on this blog have been taken from various sources like Islamic Websites, Social networking sites, blogs, forums, Islamic Books, People, etc. Share the Duas and Quranic verses and everything related with Islam and help in spreading the good and noble cause. May Allah Guide us All

If i go wrong anywhere pardon me, for even I am a human being and apologise if I fail somewhere.

I would be more than happy and blissful if you could just let me know whether you are reciting these duas and the benefits (inshallah) which you would be getting. Please let me know which are the other duas which perhaps you all would be reading and have found them to be too helpful.

Jazakallah, for visiting this blog and taking out your time, please do leave your comments

Remember me in your duas

  1. Bashi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    May you suggest me a dua/wazifa for curing from anal diseases like piles, anal fissure.

  2. shadaanalam says:

    Dear brother, please go through this link we have added


    inshallah Allah will give the relief from all diseases

  3. rabia says:

    dua for sharper minds.

  4. Muhammad Ijaz says:

    As Salaamu Alaaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh Akhi
    JazakAllaahu Kheyran for updating these beautiful reminders, may Allaah Subhana wa Ta’aala reward you and shade you on the day of resurrection. Ameen.

  5. Abdhulshami says:

    ASALAMU ALIKUM wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh Akhi
    dua for all muslim

  6. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu,

    Al hamdulillaah, the book REACHING OUT TO MY RABB – WITH EXPLANATORY NOTES is uploaded on the website http://www.reachingouttomyrabb.com. This is a book of invocations and supplications for all occasions. I have gathered as many explanations of the du’aas as I could, from scholars and from various authentic books and sources on the net. Pls read the book and it can be downloaded from the website. May Allaah Azza wa Jall accept it from us.

    Jazaak Allaahu Khayr

    Umm Abdul Ahad

  7. Saima Nazim says:

    , Meri shadi ko 20 months huay hain main melbourne main rehti hon aur husband pakistan mai unka visa apply kiya hai magar abhi nai laga hai .. ye meri dosri shadi hai aur aik beta bhi hai magr wo mayre sath nai rehta hai hai .. Husband sub janty hain mayre barey main even meri family ke barey main … Husband ka naam Waqas Bashir hai aur ye mujhse age main 9 saal choty hain .. Maine shadi se phaley istikhara bhi kiya tha aur logon se bhi karwaya tha to sub main acha he aaya tha isliye maine ye shadi ki … Par mayre husband ki family mai se kisi ko pata nai hai ke humne shadi ki hai kiun shadi se phaley husband nay mujhe kaha tha ke meri family is rishtey ke liye maan nay gi nai jub wo australia aa jain gay tub wo apni ko batain gay ke humne shadi ki hai .. hamari shadi ko 20 months huay hain maine visa appply kiya hai unka aur abhi main unkey sath nai hon kiun australia main meri maa hai sath mayre wo buhat old hain aur bemaar hain uski care karti hon wo na chal sakti hain na koi kaam kar sakti hain isliye main unko chor kar zyada time ke liye apnay husband ke sath nai reh sakti hon … Saal main aik baar he jati hon aur 3 weeks ke liye then wapis aa jati hon .. main ab kafi preshaan hon unki taraf se her baat par fight karty hain mujhse mujh par shaq karty hain jub ke main unko sub kuch batati hon ke main kahan jati hon job se kub aati hon magar phir bhi unka shaq kam nai hota hai … main aik sunni syed family se hon australia main rehty huay bhi itnay saal main maine apni limit aur values ko kabhi kam nai honay diya hai being a women apni iszat ka khayal rakha hai … first married ke divorced ke baad maine 16 saal thak shadi nai ki kiun beta tha uski parwarish karni thi then wo bhi mujhe chor kar chala gaya abhi 2008 se mai alag apni maa ke sath rehti hon 2011 mai meri 2nd marrige hui hai .. plz bhai mujhe batain ke main apni shadi ko kaisey thek se chalon koi dua ho jo wo mujhse pyar karin aur hum dono khush rahin aur achi life guzarin …

    mayra naam : Saima .. mother ka naam mehar sultna
    husband ka naam : waqas bashir .. Mother ka naam : bashira bibi

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum salam sister, i read your question and have been worried because these things are truly beyond our control, since you are not living together perhaps that too might be the reason for all the tensions. First thing we should all remember is that jo hota hai wo Allah ki marzi se hota hai,humain dua karni chahiye ke jo bhi aagey ho wo hamare haq main acha hi ho.

      With regard to duas you should always recite Ya Wadoodo 11 times or more and pray to Allah ke hamesha aap dono main pyaar rahey, roz two rakat salat hajat padh kar dua kijeye ke aapki shadi main khushiyaan rahey, kisi bhi tarah ki pareshani na aaye, Allah se dua kijyee. Iskey alawa aap ye dua roz padhiye https://islamicduasandsupplications.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/dua-for-a-happy-married-life/

      aur Dua kijeye, inshallah Allah aapki har mushkil har karega. Apart from this…

      Try to be good to him always, kyunki aap door rah rahi hain, kuch nahi to kabhi kabhi apney husband ko purani pics mail kar diya kije jisse ke unko bhi lagey ke how much you miss those moments, unse har baat share aap karti hain, to kabhi unse bhi unka haal poocha kijye, unke tensions, stress. Agar naraaz hain to sorry bol dijeye aur boliye it is your fault and you accept, etc etc. Ye kuch choti cheezain hoti hain par bahut ahem hoti hain

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