Dua for Curing Syphilis, Eczema, Sores

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Duas for Diseases
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To cure syphilis, sores, eczema recite the following dua: “Wa mathali kalimatin khabeethatin kashajaratin khabeethatinij-tuththat min fawqil arz”i maa lahaa min qaraar minhaa khalaqnaakum wa feehaa nu-e’e-dukum wa minhaa nukhrijukum taaratan ukhraa. Allaahu akbaru wa anta laa takburu Allaahu yaqbee wa anta laa taqbee wallaahu A’laa kulli shay-in qadeer.”

(The likeness of an evil word is like an evil tree- it is uprooted from the earth’s surface, it has no stability. We created you (from the earth) and into it We will return you, and We will bring you forth from it a second time. Allah is great, you are not. Allah lasts for ever, you will not. Verily Allah ha s power over all things.)



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  2. Safia Shahid says:

    Salam I would be extremely grateful if u cud giv me the dua for eczema written in arabic as I am sure I am making mistakes whilst reciting in english. It is for my 7 year old son who suffers from eczema, and any other advice re: eczema . May Allah reward u fir ur work and grant u a high place in jannah. Ammen

  3. Sister in Islam says:

    Salaam Sister, just a bit if advice my little ones also suffer from excema i had them privately tested for Allergies/intolerance to food also vitamin/mineral defficiances. My children both have a dairy(very common) allergy. Alhamdullilah since changing my sons diet his skin is so much better, unfortunetely my daughters excema is a lot harder to try and control as she also has a wheat allergy!. Her skin sometimes clears up then she gets outbreaks:(.
    I also give them extra vitamin D & my daughter has been on homeopathic medicine. Insha’Allah your little ones excema will go away as he gets older.

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