Dua to increase affection between spouse

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Dua for Marriage &Married Couples
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And among His Signs

Is this, that He created

For you mates from among

Yourselves, that ye may

Dwell in tranquillity with them,

And He has put love and mercy between your (hearts):

Verily in that are Signs

For those who reflect.

Surah Ar- Rum

  1. Mehek says:

    ASWK sir, meri shadi taye hogai hai, kya mei es dua ko pardskti hu shadi se pehly,plz hame jawab de.

  2. Akhtar says:

    Sir, meri shadi me kuch problems ho rahe he, meri shadi ko 4 sal ho jaenge is sal, magr meri wife ab kch door hone lag gaye he mujhse, kya me ye dua rozana par sakta hoon? or is ka inshallah asr hoga, mutlab kya hum phir se ek doje ke kareeb hojayenge? Please ap suroor reply karna. Jazaak Allah.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Inshallah aap zaruoor ek ho jayenge, Allah se har roz ye dua padh kar dua kijeye. You can also read Ya Wadoodo 100 times daily and blow on any sweet and let your wife eat the same.

  3. Humaira Yusuf says:

    I married the man I love 3 years back. I did and sacrificed a lot for him. But he left me for an another married woman without fulfilling his responsibilities. Now I’m hurt and heart broken. He forced me to give him a divorce. I did what he said as I couldn’t make him understand. But I never signed the paper. One of my brothers signed it for me. Nobody knows that accept my husband.

    Now my parents want me to get married. But that is impossible for me. I’ve never thought of any other guy accept my husband. And I don’t want to think.

    He hurt me a lot. But still I want him to understand his mistakes and get back in my life. Because he is my husband. Every day, every moment I pray to Allah to show me the right path.

    What Allah says for this situation? What shall I do?

    May Allah bless you

    • Ayisha says:

      What you desire might not be good for you, and what you dislike might be good for you. And only ALLAH swt knows what is best for you. Do isthikhara namaz and try to get what ALLAH swt is trying to tell you through others around you. Waiting for the wrong person will not help you in anyway, because you will only keep hurting yourself more. A true muslimah does not love ‘anyone’ more than she loves ALLAH swt. If you are loving your husband too much even though he hurts you, why dont you try loving ALLAH swt more, who will ‘NEVER’ hurt you?

  4. wale says:

    May Allah continue to bless u

  5. Faith says:

    Dear brothers and sisters thank you for the duas you have posted. Please pray for me as well since my marriage is suffering and the love needs to be increased.things have been difficult lately and with Allah’s will things will improve. We also have kids as well which makes it even more harder. Allah bless and accept our prayers. May he bless us all and accept our prayers.

  6. Shumaila says:

    how many time we have to read this dua and what time

    • shadaanalam says:

      After any of the farz namaaz you can read it as many times as you want be it 11, 21 or more. and pray to Allah that He increases love between you two

      • nilofar says:

        Shukr Alhamdullilah. We must all pray to Allah that there is love care harmony respect understanding trust loyalty between every married couple

  7. sumaiya says:

    I was very happy in my life but a guy has entered in my life because of him am very upset I loves him very but am not able to forget him please tell me some dua to forget him I love him from heart but he just time pass with me he should understand my love and he should hurt very much n regreat him self I want some strong dua

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