Between Sunnah and Farz Namaz read

Surah Alam Nashrah:

“Alam nashrah laka sadraka

WawadaAAna AAanka wizraka

Allathee anqada thahraka

WarafaAAna laka thikraka

Fa-inna maAAa alAAusri yusran

Inna maAAa alAAusri yusran

Fa-itha faraghta fainsab

Wa-ila rabbika fairghab”

and then read Surah Al Feel which is given below:

  1. Bashi says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    Thank you. It will really help me for curing from my disease.
    May you suggest me when and how we can recite these wazifa?
    How many days I have to read this wazifa?
    When I face my monthly period, then what can I do?

  2. Bashi says:

    If I can not read it at fajr time, then can I read it at esha time?

  3. shadaanalam says:

    Assalam, I can understand your concern and problem, i made a small mistake in writing- it is to be read between sunnah and farz namaaz and not fajr as i have was a spelling mistake on my part, im sorry for that.

    So, you can read this dua almost daily between sunnah and farz namaaz dat means- in fajr,zohar,maghrib and Isha. It is upto you to choose at which time you want to read it, as per your convenience. If you can learn it by heart then you can read it in your monthly periods too provided you are not touching the ayats because we cannot touch the pious Quran and its ayats in periods but we can read those duas which we have memorised.

    It is very difficult to tell as to how many days you should read this dua because there is no specific time limit given for this to be read. It is only my belief and view that you should make it a point to read it daily at least in one of the namaaz and then blow on yourself. Inshallah Allah will cure you, please do remember me in your duas too

  4. unjustrulers says:


    may i ask where the reference is made in regards to this surah for a cure as piles??
    i am really in need….

    • shadaanalam says:

      walkeum assalam, i have searched it on net and then written as a fellow brother has asked me to send him a dua for piles, so i took it from an islamic forum,

  5. Hyder says:

    If a woman has periods, but has not memorized an ayah, even then she can read the ayah, PROVIDED that she is not touching the ayah.
    Second point, in periods, it is only permissible to read maximum of seven (7) ayahs only. This applies to whether you have memorized or not. It does not matter.

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