Best Islamic Dua

Best Islamic Dua

  1. suraya sultana says:

    I am very happy to visit this site.

  2. Mrs rizwan says:

    Plz help me find dua for the cure of bleeding haemorrhides or piles

  3. Ayesha says:

    Asak i need dua for success in exams for my children

  4. Raafiya says:

    Assalama lekum. This is very nice site. I am learning so much from this. i welcome dua ‘s and surahs of whole Quran to be posted here and also benefit of each surah and Dua.

  5. Saud says:

    shadaanalam behen السلام_عليكم
    I am in a huge mess.I joined a good job last April.The company I used to work is owned by a Hindu.We have a Muslim general manager who is also has a hand in getting my job.I was having problems in the Company since day one,because the manager for our branch is a Hindu,she used to give me the job of her Muslim servant,with whom she was having sleeping around with.She was having affair with him and I had to do his work and also mine.This was spoiling my real job work.I complained about this to the Muslim General manager,BUT he did not do anything.The reason was even he was having an affair with one of the Hindu girls working with us.About two months back,the Hindu manager complained to our boss about me,as she was afraid I would tell about her affair,she said lies about me being a bad person[I pray 5 times a day,keep fast etc]The Muslim manager and the servant,dont pray much,the Muslim servant doesnt even pray Jumaah.The worse part is the Hindu girl who is having affair with the Muslim General Manager,also said bad things about me[maybe she thought I might say about her affair to the boss]
    The boss fired me , the Muslim servant and the Hindu manager.The boss assured me I was fired,but will be taken back as soon as the other two also get fired.BUT the Hindu girl who said bad about me,did not want me to work in the company,because,I knew everything about her affair with the Muslim manager. the Hindu girl is married and has 3 kids.The Muslim manager is also married and has 2 kids.The Hindu girl is spoilng the Muslim manager,he will have big problems if his family comes to know about the Zina he is commiting,and he has sisters to get married.The main problem is the HINDU girl,because of her,I am not able to get my job back,as she is telling the Muslim Manger NOT to let me get the job back.The Muslim manager is very close to the boss,and he can help me to get job back.BUT I am sure the HINDU girl is telling him not to let me work again.Most probablt the Hindu girl is using the young Muslim man to get a manager’s position.
    BHAI saab,you have to help me get my job and respect back,and the Muslim manager his religion and family.The Hindu girl is the main cause of both our troubles.Bhai saab,PLEASE HELP US

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