Dua to get rid of all kinds of tension, worries, sorrow

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Essential duas for Different Problems
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  1. Mohammednawaz says:

    how many times? and which time?

  2. Syed zeban s.m. says:

    Plz suggest me the good dua to remove my job worries in particular.



  4. Nasreen safie says:

    Dua for differences between husband and wife

  5. hasham says:


  6. nadhanash says:

    Jazakallah khair 4 ds

  7. ash says:

    i got a gud proposal and they came to see me n they liked me also bt his sis called and said that boy n mom liked the girl and nw i want to see her n then only ill take the decision now from past 6 days they dint called and my mom n dad dnt want to lose the proposal kindly suggest the dua to get marry with him

    • shadaanalam says:

      Sister, just offer two rakat salat-hajaat to Allah and ask Him for His mercy. Also just pray to Allah that if this proposal is the right for you only then let them come back to you for Allah knows the best, what is in your favour. Don’t be upset.

  8. sara khan says:

    I am very distressed lately as my mum fought with my dad and left the house to stay with her brother. Its been 2 months and still she does not want to come home and says she hates my dad now. Also my engagment was to be in Jan, since my mum was’nt there i did not get engaged. My dad wants to get me married as i am in my 30s. But I do not want to untill my mum is back home and want her to be a part of my weddin. I do not want to marry if my wo’nt be the part of my weddin. I just do not know what to do, i have no one to share it with. Please guide what to do and what to read to get this back to normal, In shaa Allah

  9. Asra says:

    Send me dua to be prevented from enemy



  11. Syed zeban s.m. says:

    tension because am not doing sale at my job.

  12. afreen says:

    Assalamuailaikum..my dad had lent money to his cousin for his daughter’s marriage.he brought the money from another person and now he is not returning the money.is there any dua to recite?plz plz help me

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum assalam sister, it is really sad to hear this. i can understand the kind of tension you all must be in at this time. please recite the above dua inshallah, Allah will ease out all your tensions and worries. you can also read ‘Ya Lateefo’ One who recites this name 100 times after performing two rakats of Namaz will gets all his desires fulfilled. so just pray to Allah inshallah you’r problem will be solved by Allah’s will and wish.

      • afreen says:

        assalamuaalaikum..should this be recited after every namaz?r after seperately offeing 2 rakat nafeel namaz?

  13. Aysha says:

    salam im worried about lots of things can u please tell me a dua that i can read

  14. SEEMA FATIMA says:

    how many times should we read this dua? and which time?

  15. Anum says:

    Thankz 2 d person who have posted this DU’A’ wdin juz 1 nite by recitin d Aayat Almighty Alaah removed ma biggest worry…May Allah help us all

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