Wazifa for Marriage

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Wazifa
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On each friday after zuhr namaaz, one should recite the verse 9 of Surah Al Imran 313 times and before and after you should also read Durood Ibrahimi 7 times, inshallah you will get a good marriage proposal. This wazifa is especially meant to be read if you are not getting married due to unknown reasons, there aren’t any specific reasons.

 رَبَّنَا إِنَّكَ جَامِعُ النَّاسِ لِيَوْمٍ لَا رَيْبَ فِيهِ
 ۚ إِنَّ اللَّـهَ لَا يُخْلِفُ الْمِيعَادَ

The meaning of the above verse is:
Our Lord! Thou art He that will gather mankind together against a day about which there is no doubt. For Allah never fails in his promise.

 Just believe in Allah, have faith and trust and read the above verses, inshallah you will be get married, Ameen

  1. sab says:

    can this be done for love marriage

    • shadaanalam says:

      definitely u can read this for love marriage, when you read and make dua just pray remember the name of the person you wish to get married to, and pray from your heart, inshallah Allah will listen to your sincere prayers. Ameen

      • sameria mistry says:

        A new Muslim was married divorce lives in Canada Cabot read Qur’an pl send pray english

  2. sab says:

    thanks how long do i read this for is it every friday until i can

    • shadaanalam says:

      Of course till you get the one who you desire, you have to be patient and keep reading for Allah is with those who are patient and who believe in Him with full faith

  3. sab says:

    and what happens if you miss one does it make a difference

  4. Abuahmad says:

    You need to have a lovely, faithful and blessed husband quickly?
    Then, ask Allah to send his righteous, lovely and blessed muslim servant to propose to marry your
    unmarried sister or sisters in Islam.Consider this Hadith by the Prophet (saws):

    “The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.”

    …… Reported by Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi
    The Prophet (saws) said:

    Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say aameen and same to you.’

  5. Razia says:

    Is there any dua for love marriage??? plz do reply.

  6. shadaanalam says:

    you can recite the above mentioned dua for love marriage also,

  7. sab says:

    do u also have anything to read for a driving test i have already failed twice??

  8. beenish jehangir says:

    plzzz do tell me the wazifa for love marriage i luv him for 7 years but he dont want to marry me.. Plz tel me as sooon as possible…

    • shadaanalam says:

      Daily at least once read Salat-Hajaat after any of the farz namaaz and ask for Allah’s help Read Surah Rahman daily once. Also You must read “Ya Lateefo” 101 times daily and pray. Inshallah
      Allah will guide you

  9. fiza says:


    Can anyone advise of any wazifahs to be read to get my brother married to a girl of my mums choice?my father and brother habe not agreed yet.


  10. Zeenath fazna says:

    Salam.am 25yrz old grl.am sufrng alot aftr lost in 7yrz love.his parents done a blackmagc n seperatd us.i sufrd alot to get him bk last 3yrz,bt he got maryd last yr. Nw bles of allah me made up ma mind and luking 4 proposls.but am nt geting proper propsls.am woryd alot.even ma parents.pls let me knw duas to come over dz prblm n get mary soon

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam sister, it really hurts to know of the condition you have gone through. Black magic is haram in Islam. but anyways one has to move ahead in life and believe that perhaps the person you loved was not meant for youu. submit your dreams and wishes to Allah and always remmeber that He knows what is the best for us. Inshallah there is someone much better for you. Daily at least once read Salat-Hajaat after any of the farz namaaz and ask for Allah’s help that you get a suitable proposal. Read Surah Rahman daily once. Also You must read “Ya Lateefo” 101 times daily and pray. Inshallah very soon you will get a good marriage proposal

  11. Ayesh says:

    im a talaq shuda women n hv a kid.and now i want to remarry a write person
    my parents searching supose 4r me
    my wish is to get gud person who acpt me with my kid
    plz gv any wazifa r dua r namaz to pray 4r it in4rnt of allah n dua to get proposal n marry soon

    • shadaanalam says:

      Walekum salam sister, Daily at least once read Salat-Hajaat after any of the farz namaaz and ask for Allah’s help that you get a suitable proposal. Read Surah Rahman daily once. Also You must read “Ya Lateefo” 101 times daily and pray. Inshallah very soon you will get a good marriage proposal

  12. Ayesh says:

    Assalamalikum wa rahmatulahe wa barkatu hu
    thank u for a quick reply
    as i saffard a lot with my X husbnd he use to beat me,n shakee insaan ask me 4r mny 4rm my father
    n he hv a grl 4rnd be4 mrg
    i use to read LA ILAHA ILLA ANTA… Always aur allah ne us zalem say mere hefazat karde
    ‘sukar hai ya rab tera,
    aur mai aap ke rahme talabgar hu’
    i safford a lot 4r 1yr
    plz brothers n sisters do pray 4r me n 4r my kid
    4r our hpy life n 4r gud partner

    i hv one more question
    mai jo bhi kaam karna chahu wo kamiyab nai hora mera har kaam bismillah kar ke start karte hu
    phir be?q

    • Ayesh says:

      Aur ek baat
      mujhe kunsa bhi proposal ata hai to pura tai hote hote rah jata hai wo mer kid ko acpt nai karna charai
      dua kareye plz plz
      kya mai names bato to aap kuch kar sakte hai aap ka mail id melega kya mejhe
      matlab mujhe kuch prb hai kya
      ya aisa karna galat hai
      ek proposal mere leye sahi hai ya nai istekhara ke alava koi rasta

    • Ayesh says:

      Plz gv reply 2me soon

  13. ruq says:

    Please can you tell me how to recite Durood Ibrahimi?

  14. isha says:

    can i recite this dua for my sisters too?

  15. Shahista Sayed says:

    Aslamwalaykum, i am in love with a person and wants to marry him as soon as possible, problem is that is he would not say about our relation to his parents because he is afraid that they would not accepts. So can i get a wazifa wherein he can talk to his parents about us and also his parents would agree to it.


  16. nazneen Sayed says:

    Aslamwalaykum, i m in love with a person for 6 years, even he loves me unfortunatley he would not talk to his parents about us and got engaged with someone else 3 yrs back and will get marry in the month of november 2012, i cant stay without him and want to marry him only so can i get a wazifa wherein he would talk to his parents about us and also his parents need to agree wholeheartedly.i m suffering a lot please help me..

    Jazakal Khar,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Mohammed says:


      1.Recite wallahu galibun alla amrihi 100times everyday for 3days with your intention inshaAllah you shall see what you want happening if it is going to be the best for u.

      2. Recite suratul Khausar 1 time and say Ya ALLAH 100times every day after subhi prayer, and Allah shall give you what u desire inshaAllah! recite alot of Istigfar and Durood,

      send me ur email I will send you some prayers that u will use to help ur self InshaAllah.


      contact me: mohammed.lere@gmail.com

  17. Aysha says:

    Do we require Ijazat before starting this Wazeefa?

  18. imaan says:

    Can i read the marriage wazeefq for my sister in law. Im engaged . Not married yet. Can i read the marriage wazeefa for her.she is not getting married.pls reply soon

  19. aslkum is there any duwa or wazifa tat i can get married soon..mera rishta kahin chalraha hai but shadi jaldi nai karna chahte mere mom to ruka huwa hai plz help me out.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Best Quranic ayat for Marriage is Surah Al Rehman, recite it thrice daily after any of the farz nammaz. and pray to Allah. This beautiful Surah is called as the Bride of Quran.

  20. misbah says:

    even iam going through the same situation everything is fine still iam unable to get married my parents are really worried about my mariage plz help me

  21. sana says:

    assalam o akilum sir meri engagment ko 4 sal ho gay hain plz kuch bataen meri shadi nahi ho rahai hai sab kafi tension main hain kahin se bat agay nahi bhar rahi hai log kehtay hain kisi nay taveez karwayen hain humari family main se …. saray kam kharab ho rahay hain meray papa k bhi or jis se bat pakki hui hai razi wo log bhi hain shadi k liya or hum log bhi …..bas khandan main humaray nafrat paida ho gai hai sab chirnay lagay hain plzzzzzzzz humari madad ki jiya bohut wazifay duaen karay koi farq nahi par raha hai

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam sister, aapki pareshaani sunkar behad afsos hua aur Allah se yahi dua hai ke aap ke ghar ki har pareshaani aur mushkil ko asaan karey,Ameen. behtar hoga ke aap apna ghar kisi Maulana se dikh wayain ke kahin koi rukawat to nahi hai. aur har roz two rakat namaaz salaat hajat padh kar ke dua karain ke Allah aapki har mushkil aasaan karey.iskey alawa jitna ho sakey “Ya Mutakabbiro” aur Ya Allaho Ya Rahmaano Ya Raheemo padh kar dua kijeye.

  22. karema begum d/o md rafeek says:

    ji aslamailekum
    my self kareema begum i am from india.mujhe rishtey toh bahuth are lekin koi rishta jam ra hi nahi log are dekh ke chale jare please koi aisa rasta batye ke maera rishta jald se jald ho jaye ya koi tareeka batye jis se mera rishta ho jaye ya koi wazifa batye plzzzzzzzzzzzzz aap ki badi mherbani hogi jazzakallah

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam sister, aap roz two rakaat namaaz salat-hajat padh kar dua kariye ke Allah tala aap ke haq mai jo rishta behtar hai ussey aapki shaadi ho jaye. iskey alawa aap Surah Rahmaan roz padh kar dua maanghiyeye. Inshallah Allah jald hi aapke haq main behtar karega. Ameen

    • Parvez Khan says:

      Assalam mu Alekum,

      same issues with me I use to see many places and traveled a lot lonely and along with my parents for a Pious Bride but the story remains the same.

      Please do pray for me that i get the best among the Bride and I’m praying you for now that you get one of the best Groom among the Muslims, Insha’ALLAH – Aameen

      ALLAH Mu Hafiz

  23. Hassanat says:

    Assalam! Pls Pray 4 we muslims 2 pass dis our forth comin exam dat we should see the mecy of Allah!!!

  24. Hussain says:

    As Salaam walaikum to all,

    Meri ek engagement break ho chuki hai larki ne mujhe achanak chor diya koi reason samjh nahi aya ar abhi bhi engagement k liye koi na koi problem ajati hai

    main ya lateefu 129 baar rozana isha ki namaaz baad parhta hu
    phir Surah Ahzab ki ayat 33 aur raat ko sone se phele surah ikhlas 41 baar parhta hu

    please bataye k main ye sahi kar raha hu

    reply ka intizaar rahega

    • shadaanalam says:

      Allah par yaqeen rakhiye, aur dua kijeye ke jis ladki se bhi aapki shaadi qismat main likhi hai wahi aapke liye sabse behtar ho. engagement tootne par afsos mat kijeye Allah ka shukr ada kijeye ke usney aaapko aaney waali kisi badi mushkil se bacha liya. aap jo duain padhte hain wo padhte rahiye aur har roz two rakaat salat haajat namaaz padhiye aur shadi ke liye dua kijye. inshalllah Alllah aapki mushkil asaan karega.

      • Hussain says:

        As Salam Alaikum: shadaanalam

        Shukriya aap ke reply ka, Actually meri ex mengeter ne mujhe bachaya nahi bul k mujhe dhoka diya hai hamari engagement ko 8 months hogaye the aur hamari understanding bhi achi thi aur wo ek dum se chali gai meri zindagi se halan k mujhe us se mohabbat bhi hai.

        mangni torne ke baad maine kafi messages kiye magar koi reply nahi de rahi thi phir srf ek reply me us ne mujhse kaha k

        Aisi baat nahi k me aap se mohabbat nahi karti thi ab jo hogaya so hogaya gud bye.

        ye us ka last message tha.

        tab se main kafi pareshan rehta hu


    dear brother,I am a widow and i want get married again,I am 46 but proposalas are coming and going away,please pray for me and give me some wazifa so that i can settle again life.
    Jazakaalah e khair.

    • Umer Manzoor says:

      I’m looking for a Widow for Second Marriage. I have no demands from a Widow Woman, all I need is a good looking / beautiful woman for second marriage. Age is not an issue. Please contact me if there is any Serious Family or Lady for Marriage. My Cell No. is 0321-2016825 E-mail: Littleboyumer at gmail dot com

      Jazak Allah Khair !



        Assalaam Alaikum,
        Jazakallah e khair,Allah bless u all,well i am Shaheen and i am working in Qatar in an Indian school.If the person wants to talk to me and is serious about marriage then he has to tell me his age as my age is 47 in next month and i have to inform my son who is 17 and my older brother who is my parent at present.my email id is sheenashaikh82@yahoo.com.Inshallah i will read the wazifa which you have given me. Shaheen

    • Umer Manzoor says:

      Please contact me Ms.Shaheen 0321-2016825 E-mail: Littleboyumer at gmail.com

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum assalam, i can understand that moving on in the life without a life can be tough, these are our testing times but we should always keep our firm faith in Allah that inshallah He will listen to us. Please read daily two rakat salat hajaat for marriage purpose and ask Allah to send you the best proposal. You should also read daily “Ya Lateefo” 111 times and Surah Rahman atleast once after any of the farz namaaz. inshallah you will get a good proposal, As you can also see in the comment box there is already a person who has asked you to contact you, so you may go ahead with it, with firm belief in Allah.

  26. Fatima says:

    Asslam o alaikum.sir i m v worried.i am in love with some1…n we both want to get merried.but my parents are not agree due to cast issue.they r syed n we r rajpoot.he sent his parents to my home but my mother n father shows rigid bahave n my father is not talking to me.dont know what is the issue….can u plz tell me is he right person for me after doing istakhara…i left every thing on Allah regarding this relation…my mother asks me what is ur decison now?dont know what should i do?plz help….n advise to read wazaif according to situwtion after istakhara.my name is fatima mumtaz…mother name kausar yasmeen…..n his name fawad ansaar n mother name gul e raana.plz reply me…

    • shadaanalam says:

      walekum salam sister, i am sorry but i cannot do istikhara for you, it is always good that it is done by the person herself/himself or by an able Maulana. So please try to contact someone near you who can be helpful to you. But you should on your part pray to Allah daily “Ya Mutakkabiro” 101 times which means “O’ Allah ease out my hardships” and “Ya Lateefo” 111 times for getting married. inshallah Allah will do what is best for you.

    • Zubair Ahmed says:

      Fatima please contact me, if you are agree to apply Black Magic or any other Rohani pattern to make your parents agreed for your marriage.

      E-mail: blackmagicexpert@gmail.com

      Zubair Ahmed

  27. Fatima says:

    thanks alot for it.please also advice at what time i have to do these wird?

  28. hussain says:


    Kia koi mujhe bata sakta hai k first meeting me larki se kia baatain karni chahiye ar agar mujhe achi lage to us ko first meeting kis tarah impress kiya jaye take wo mujhe reject na kare.

    kyun ke last 3 meetings me larkiyon ne mujhe reject kr diya ar kaha k samjh nahi aya I don’t know why kyun ke me look , height and body me normal hu ar hamari baat bhi normal ar bilkul sahi huwi thi jo honi chahiye.

    Please mujhe is k liye koi wazifa bataye take me na kamyaab na rahu


  29. mehvi says:

    Kindly tell me is there any DUA or Wazifa to get Back Love one ,,
    Or Marry with Him/Her?

    • Zubair Ahmed says:

      Get Spiritual Solution from me to get your love one back without any charges. Please email me at blackmagicexpert at g mail dot com

  30. Chanda says:

    Es wazify k lye ksi ke permisson ke to zrort ni?

  31. Praise you Allah says:

    I’m in to trouble please help me. I have been into troubled life for almost 7-8 years. Lost everything except my parents.But my life is totally ruined. I was a Hindu, I went to all the temples and cried did all the religious activities. But nothing changed. At last I met a guy who is Muslim. I told him everything what happened in my life but he understood everything and asked me to get married upon a condition that I should convert to Islam. First I said I’ll not do it because I lost the hope in the concept of God. I said I see god in people who help others when they are really in need. I believe that there is one god who made us born and control us, but I’ll not name him as Allah or Shiva or whatever. But at last I agreed to do it because of the love I had on him. Later I said I can’t do it because I didn’t want to do something which I do not believe, and if I do it it will be a sin. Still he agreed to get married to me. I was so happy because he looked like an angel who came to save me from my disgusting life.

    But recently his mom fallen in sick when he said that he is going to get married to a non-Muslim girl and who is elder to him. After seeing her hospitalized he said that he can’t marry me. I cried, begged but nothing happened. At last I asked Allah even in this situation I can’t do what I do not believe. Show me a miracle which I should change my mind and follow you. Then within a few minutes he made me chanting Kaleema without even knowing myself. Then I accepted it and converted myself. But my guy started hating me afterwards saying that I’m using the religion for my selfishness and I’m trying to impress him on this. He doesn’t try to understand what happened really. I can’t force him to marry me because I can’t ruin his family. Day by day the situation becomes worse and he hates me more and more. So many things happening which shows me as a bad woman in front of him. I do not know what I should do. I’m getting blamed for the things which I did not do.

    I’m not in a position to forget him and go for another life. Now I’m a Muslim whereas my parents are Hindus. They do not know about this yet and they can’t look for a Muslim guy for me. I’m still suffering just like I did for 8 years. I want my angel back who understood my shitty past and accepted me. I do not know how to pray as you said here. Could you please help me?

    • shadaanalam says:

      i read your problem and have been deeply concerned about you.we cannot ask Allah or the Lord to show us miracles because He keeps doing it in almost every breath of ours. WE are breathing, seeing, talking etc all are but miracles of the Almighty. So first thing is to have deep faith in Him that yes He is there and He will listen to you. i know it is so easy to say this but it is very hard to accept the same especially if we have been in trouble for such a long period of our lives. but sister, you are not alone, everyone of us have our troubles which sometimes weakens our faith in Him. but remember these are testing times. So fr now, i just request you to have faith in Him, and pray that Have mercy on me, i have gone through enough of tensions and troubles, now please my lord have mercy on me. make my life easy for me. Since you are a new convert i request you to recite the beautiful names of Allah http://www.ummah.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-49952.html

      especially you should read : “Ya Haadio” which implies the One who shows you the right path

      and “Ya Mutakkabiro” the One who makes your hardships/ struggles easier. Also read
      “Ya Rahmaano Ya Raheemo” Allah will have his mercy on you. but i hope you have faith only then this will work.

  32. nousheen says:


    meri engagement ko 5 saal hogaye magr wo log shadi nhe krna cha rahey or bhi rishtey dekh rahey hain magr kaheen se reply nahe arha bht pareshan hain plz koi tareeka bta dain

    • shadaanalam says:

      aap ye wazifa padhiye, iskey alawa Surah Rahman har roz ek baar kisi bhi farz namaaz ke baad padhiye. Har namaaz main Ya Lateefo 111 times padhna bhi behad acha hai. Inshallah Allah aapke haq main behtar karega, Ameen

  33. Aaliya says:

    Assalimu alakium agar bandish ho tab bhi yeh wazifa karsakte hain kya I want ke mera rista mere uncle ke ghar se unke beta ka aye kya mein rista wahan se aye mein uske liye yeh wazifa read karsakte hoon aur kya mujhe permission chaye and kitne din tak read karna hai please reply me soon

    • shadaanalam says:

      aap is wazifey ko padh sakti hain, permission ki zaroorat nahi hai. tab tak padhain jab tak rishta pakka ho jaye aur Allah se dua karain ke jo aapke haq main behtar ho ussey hi aapki shaadi ho.

  34. arshiya says:

    As Salam. Mera rishtha ek ladka Sathar ke saath pakka hua hain. lekin ab uski shaadi kisi aur ladki ke saath ho rahi hain. he started talking to that girl also . I do not know what to do. I pray, read Salath ul hajath, read Surah Rehman n Yaseen daily. Recite Allah s name regularly. Phir bhi things are having no improvement.

    • shadaanalam says:

      Don’t think things are not improving, Allah does what is good for us. Have faith. You are mashallah reading so many duas so you keep reading these, and just pray that you get married to that boy only if he is good for you, because Allah knows what is good for you.

  35. yusrasunny says:


  36. YA ALLAH says:

    Salaam i am 27 year old girl single never been married. i have gne throught alot with my relatives about marriage and rishta. But my heart and mind wasnt set with the in the first. im really greatful to allah swt that he helped and me in this. atm my parents are really worried and concerned about me in getting married. they want me to get married to my uncles son who is over 10 years younger then me. i dont want this to happen. i have known someone for quite a while know and we are getting to know more about each other. i am tired and have enough of life i want to settle down have my own place and family. what can i do/read. JAZAKALLAH

    • shadaanalam says:

      Read the above mentioned dua with faith in Allah. Also Read Surah Rahman atleast once daily, recite Ya Lateefo 101 times after any of the farz namaaz, inshallah Allah will help you out

    • Umer Manzoor says:

      I’m in search of a good Lady for second marriage. I’m about 34 years old guy living in Karachi City. If anyone have interest, please do contact me for Marriage discussion. 0333-3219460 Umer Manzoor

  37. YA ALLAH says:


  38. SARA says:

    I Love a guy and he loves me toO can u help me i think his parents wont agree for me plz pray fr me n can u du me a favour can u du istikhara for me..am very tensed i keep on crying all day for us i can’t marry anyone else other than him..plz help.

  39. Husna says:

    Can i make this dua for my sister in law who is unmarried yet who i have in mind a person suitable for her

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