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“Yaa rabbil lakal”hamdu kama yanbaghii lijalaali wajhika, wa’aziimi sultaanik.”O my Lord, all praises be to You as it should be due to Your Might and the Greatness of Your Power.

Bismillaahi, tawakkaltu ‘alallaahi, wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata ‘ illaa billaah.


In the Name of Allah, I have placed my trust in Allah, there is no might and no power except by Allah.

Reference: Abu Dawud 4/325, At-Tirmithi 5/490

O Allah! Indeed I, I ask of You, guidance and piety and chastity and to be free of depending on anyone (except You).

   One who reads this dua once in the morning daily, he and his house will inshallah will remain protected from all kinds of accidents like Fire, till the night time. One of the best duas!

This is one of the most effective duas for all students and they need to read it daily to remember what they have learned.A must read before you are going for examination.

Prayer to Allah: 2

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Supplications
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