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O Allah! Indeed I, I ask of You, guidance and piety and chastity and to be free of depending on anyone (except You).

   One who reads this dua once in the morning daily, he and his house will inshallah will remain protected from all kinds of accidents like Fire, till the night time. One of the best duas!

For getting all your jayaz desires fulfilled:

Read YA BADIUS SAMAWAATEY WAL ARZ evernight after Isha namaaz, 100 times, inshallah all your wishes and desires will be fulfilled by the Grace of Allah, Ameen.










Dua e Mustajab

Benefits of reciting this dua inshAllah.

* It has been narrated that this dua should be recited everyday, if not then once a week, if that is possible then once a month and if that is not possible too then once in a life time and if that too is not possible then get someone else to recite it and you should listen to it!!

* Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will clsoe the doors of hell and open the door of Heaven for the reciter.

* If this is recited for any particular need or want inshAllah Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala will grant it.

* The reciter will be protected from, wordly difficulties, poverty, questioning of Munkir and Naqeer, punishment of the grave, punishment of Qiyamaah.

* On Qiyamaah the reciter will get a sighting of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala

* One will be protected from Backbiting, fraud, any kind of oppression, tricks of the shaytaan, bites of snakes and scorpions.

* All big and small sins will be forgiven.

* For 1 recitation 1000 good deeds will be recorded.

* The reciter will be relieved from any kind of bodily pain i.e headache, eye,ear, teeth, back and chest pan.

* By keeping this dua with you at all times you will gain respect/izzat and good friends.

* On burial the person will be protected from the punishments of the grave.

* The reciter will gain wordly (duniya) and herafter (Akhira) gains inshAllah.